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Minister Stewart Attends a Rail Safety Event in Brantford, Ontario

BRANTFORD – The Honourable Jane Stewart, Minister of Human Resources Development and Member of Parliament for Brant, on behalf of Transport Minister David Collenette, today attended a car/train collision simulation in Brantford, Ontario. The simulation demonstrated the dangers of ignoring railway-crossing signals, drinking and driving, trespassing and not using seatbelts.… Read More

Mock Crash Delivers Sombre Message

SAINT JOHN – Three “victims” of a train/car crash at Reversing Falls were carried away in body bags and two went to hospital by ambulance. The sight of the body bags seemed to have the most impact on the 400 students from Harbour View High School who gathered to witness the response to a mock disaster Wednesday at the Douglas Avenue railway crossing.… Read More

Truck/Rail Industries Tackle Crossing Safety Head-On

EDMONTON – The recent tragedy near Grande Prairie in which a 12-year old boy lost both his legs in a rail accident once again brings home the need to continue raising awareness about the potential dangers of improperly interacting with trains.… Read More

New Survey Indicates Canadians Often See Drivers Taking Risks At Highway/Railway Crossings

The 3rd Annual Road Safety Monitor
Taking the pulse of the nation on highway/railway crossing safety
Canadians often see drivers taking risks at highway/railway crossings

Ottawa – Canadians say they often see some very dangerous behaviour at highway/railway crossings, such as driving across the tracks when the signal lights are flashing, or driving around the highway/railway crossing barriers.… Read More

Operation Lifesaver Activity Book for Kids

OTTAWA – Children have always had a fascination with trains. Their curiosity has often drawn them to dangerous areas near railway equipment and property. This activity book is part of Operation Lifesaver’s anti-trespassing program. With your help, it is designed to educate children about the associated dangers.… Read More

Don’t Take Risks at Railway Crossings

MONTRÉAL – PDF version of an article from the Montréal Gazette (749 KB document – viewed best at 100%).


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Operation Lifesaver’s Sixteenth Annual Conference

OTTAWA – You are cordially invited to attend and participate in Operation Lifesaver’s Sixteenth Annual Conference to be held on September 19, 2003, at The Château Cartier Resort, 1170 Aylmer Road, Aylmer, QC.


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Railway Safety Poster Contest – Winning Entries

OTTAWA – View the gallery of winning entries and honourable mentions.
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