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DOs and DON’Ts of railfanning near the tracks tip #3

While we love seeing all the great images on our social media channels captured by railfans, we don’t love seeing the risky and illegal behaviour that is sometimes depicted as well.… Read More

What’s it like to respond to a railway incident? A CN constable shares her experience

When someone is killed or injured by a train the repercussions are felt by many. Families, railway employees, first responders and entire communities can be forever changed in the aftermath of an incident. For this week’s post, we asked Winnipeg-based, CN Rail Constable Lise Aquin to share what it’s like to be a first responder at a railway incident.… Read More

March rail safety statistics indicate increase in trespasser fatalities

Unfortunately, the month of March saw an increase in trespasser fatalities across Canada. This spike in numbers is a sombre reminder that knowing how to be rail safe near railway tracks and property is a vital life lesson.… Read More

Train hopping is a dead pastime – try it and you could be too

You heard it here first: the whimsical practice of train hopping is dead. That’s right, this is no longer a relevant practice. In fact, those who continue to do it could face criminal charges and steep fines, suffer a life-changing injury, or die.… Read More

Written in blood: railway crossing incidents leave a tragic legacy

Earlier this week we introduced you to Mark Blanchette, longtime railroader and avid OL supporter. What he has experienced throughout his railway and first responder career is shocking.… Read More

Your brush with death: see what it’s like to be hit by a train

Let’s be real—we’re all obsessed with our phones and are generally in a hurry to get where we’re going. This combination of distraction and impatience can lead to lapses in our better judgement.… Read More

Longtime railroader describes the trauma of responding to two fatalities in one year

You hear about it when you’re hired on with the railway. Incidents happen, it comes with the job. You hope it doesn’t happen to you. But when you experience firsthand two railway-related fatalities in just one year, how could someone not ultimately ask the question: Why?… Read More

Feel the terror of having your vehicle hit by a train

The gates are lowered, the lights are flashing… you know a train is coming, but you can’t wait. You’re already late. Do you gamble with driving around the lowered gates? You think you have time, so you chance it, but…you don’t make it.… Read More

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