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DOs and DON’Ts: winter driving tip #3

Can you imagine sliding into the side of a moving train because you didn’t slow down well in advance of a railway crossing? Terrifying, right?

We’ve seen the havoc winter can wreak on our Canadian roads, and while you may not be able to control what happens on the highway, you can control what YOU do when you’re behind the wheel and approaching a railway crossing.… Read More

Back to School Rail Safety DOs and DON’Ts—Part 2

School is back in session, and with that comes a new year of good times and making memories with friends. Keep the memory bank stacked by knowing what’s what in this second instalment of Back to School Rail Safety DOs and DON’Ts.… Read More

Being distracted near the tracks can kill you

It’s really a no-brainer: Two hands on the wheel and two eyes paying attention to what’s ahead of you is all you need to worry about when you’re behind the wheel. Remember: Your phone can wait – a train going through a level crossing can’t.… Read More

Deadly Train Fact #6: Trekking into a train tunnel could be the end of you

Think an adventure into a train tunnel is a smart idea? You’re wrong.… Read More

Deadly Train Fact #4: The impact of a train will crush you—literally

Due to the size and mass of a train it can potentially destroy anything in its path—easily.… Read More

Deadly Train Fact #3: Trains can’t avoid hitting you

If you think a train can move out of the way to avoid hitting you—you’re wrong.… Read More

The Misadventures of Bob: Stay on the trail, don’t die on the tracks!

Bob has spring fever and heads out for a hiking adventure that takes him down a trail he won’t live long enough to remember.… Read More

The Misadventures of Bob: This is one hit hockey fan Bob won’t survive

Bob is at it again. A split-second decision to trespass on railway property cost him his life.… Read More

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