Take the Quiz

Come aboard the Operation Lifesaver train and take a moment to complete the following quiz. Remember to use your common sense, because failure to do so could be fatal!

The Advance Warning Sign tells you:

The crossbuck sign tells you:

Trains sound the engine whistle at most highway/railway crossings as a safety warning. When you are approaching a crossing and hear an engine whistle, you must:

If you are being careful and obeying the traffic signs, you should never find yourself on the tracks while the gates are closing. The crossing lights start flashing before the gates come down. If you should find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do is to:

Most highway/railway crossing collisions involve drivers living within _____ of the location of the collision.

A freight train with 80 railcars traveling 100 km/h can take _____ distance to stop.

Some vehicles stop at all crossings. These may include:

The main contributing factor of a train-vehicle collision is:

It is illegal to drive around crossing gates.

Never race a train to the crossing.

It is okay for you to cross when the last car of a train clears the crossing.

Drivers often drive with their headlights off. This explains why many collisions involve a vehicle slamming into the side of a train at night.

Avoid stopping on the tracks in a traffic jam.

A train should be expected on any track at any time.

If you stall on the tracks when a train is approaching, get away from your vehicle immediately.