OL Professional Driver Delivery Form


This information package is intended for professional driver trainers delivering one of the Operation Lifesaver Professional Driver programs.


This package contains an Instructor’s Guide, Student Notes, Safety Quiz and supporting video.

Recommended Format

  1. Introduce the topic (e.g. Highway-Railway Crossing Awareness for Truck Drivers).
  2. Invite the group to discuss any problems they have had at crossings.
  3. Play the video (10 minutes).
  4. Provide each attendee with a photocopy of the Student Notes and review.
  5. Provide each attendee with a photocopy of the Safety Quiz and have them complete it.
  6. Review the Safety Quiz (Answer key located in Instructor’s Guide). Questions and answers.

The full presentation should take approximately 1 hour. If you are unable to answer any questions relating to the subject, refer the attendees to Operation Lifesaver. The contact information is on the back of the Student Notes.

Evaluation & Reporting

The key to the success of these programs is evaluation. Through evaluation we can ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the intended audience.

After each training session, a copy of the delivery report form should be completed by the trainer and forwarded to Operation Lifesaver at the address or fax number listed on the form.

By reporting you will help ensure quality, overall effectiveness and improvement of the program.

Additional Information

For additional information or questions concerning the content of this program, contact Operation Lifesaver at (613) 564-8100 or visit our web site at www.operationlifesaver.ca.