Rail Safety Week 2016

This year don’t be a Bob!

He’s brainless when it comes to trains.


OL-DontBeABob2016_v2Every year, approximately 100 Canadians die or suffer serious injuries on railway tracks they should not be on.

Everyday choices like wearing headphones, taking a photo, or taking a shortcut can cut your life short, or your body.

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Take Bob, our “spokes-dummy”, for example. He’s always getting smoked by the train. Whether he’s driving, cycling, taking wedding photos, skiing, skateboarding, whatever; Bob’s always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Poor, dumb, dead Bob. If only he was a little more careful, he wouldn’t be a cartoon statistic.

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Witness Bob die over and over again on our blog, or in our “Misadventures of Bob” cartoon collection.

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Even when skating or boarding, you can choose the right rail!

Rail safety is about you!