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DOs and DON’Ts of railfanning near the tracks tip #2

Part of the thrill of getting the epic train shot you’ve been after is seeking the perfect location to take it. We’re big proponents of railfanning and understand the need to find the perfect locale – as long as it doesn’t involve illegal and risky behaviour in the process.… Read More

Operation Lifesaver’s 2016 rail safety wish list

Tis the season to kick back with family and friends and take in all that the holidays have to offer. For many, that includes looking forward to seeing how many wish list items make it under the tree. In that spirit, we’ve compiled a wish list of our own.… Read More

The misadventures of Bob – complete collection (vol. 1)

If you’re not careful there are a lot of ways to die around railway tracks and property. Just ask our buddy, Bob.

Bottom line: just stay away to say alive!… Read More

The Misadventures of Bob: This is one album no one will ever hear


For more of Bob’s deadly misadventures on the tracks, check out these posts:

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Photographer warns of the dangers of shooting near the tracks

Our modern world makes photography easier than ever before. Technology like iPhones and Instagram have given photographers, both amateur and professional, the ability to publish their work in real-time for the entire world to see. Yet even in this digital age it seems photographers are still drawn to some classic shots, like train tracks.… Read More

Rail safety DOs and DON’Ts for Photographers

To learn more photographer rail safety tips and for examples of ‘safe’ railway imagery, check out our Photographer tip sheet and visit our image gallery.… Read More

Train safety reminders for photographers

Recently on the Operation Lifesaver Canada Facebook page a member of our online community posted a description of an extremely alarming situation involving a photographer shooting wedding photos on the tracks. Throughout history, trains and railway tracks have been romanticized in the media and they can be a very tempting setting for photographs.… Read More