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DOs and DON’Ts of railfanning near the tracks tip #1

Railfans of all ages know trains are cool. We get it and love seeing images and stories from avid railfans across the world. In fact, they tend to capture some of the greatest train images around!… Read More

Photographer warns of the dangers of shooting near the tracks

Our modern world makes photography easier than ever before. Technology like iPhones and Instagram have given photographers, both amateur and professional, the ability to publish their work in real-time for the entire world to see. Yet even in this digital age it seems photographers are still drawn to some classic shots, like train tracks.… Read More

Attention wedding photographers! Don’t turn their big day into their last day!

It’s summer wedding season! If you’re a wedding photographer, it’s your goal to perfectly capture the special moments of the happy couple’s most memorable day – a task made even tougher by the need to master their wish list of “ideal shots”!… Read More