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Attention snowboarders: Jump a train—feel the pain

Snowboarders and skiers, we know nothing beats the surge of adrenaline you get when you hit big booters in the terrain parks at ski resorts. And we get that you can only do so many laps through the park before those jumps just don’t make the cut anymore.… Read More

The misadventures of Bob – complete collection (vol. 1)

If you’re not careful there are a lot of ways to die around railway tracks and property. Just ask our buddy, Bob.

Bottom line: just stay away to say alive!… Read More

Winter activity rail safety DOs and DON’Ts

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The Misadventures of Bob: Don’t let a jump near the tracks be last one you ever take


For more of Bob’s deadly misadventures on the tracks, check out these posts:

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The right rail vs. the wrong rail #SeeTracksThink

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Don’t let safety slide — 3 ways to adventure safely

Looking to start hammering out your 2015 bucket list of must-do adventures? Don’t forget one vital component—safety. Don’t worry though, it’s super easy to ensure you’ve got your bases covered in the safety department.

While you can’t predict everything that you may encounter (like weather, broken or lost equipment, potential for injury, railway tracks, tunnels and bridges etc.), the key is to be prepared and make sure you’ve got everything on lock to the best of your ability.… Read More