Educating Canadians about the hazards surrounding railway property and trains is a team effort. It takes the rail industry, governments, law enforcement, labour groups, the media,  and communities from coast to coast working together to prevent incidents and save lives. Hundreds of people across the country work with Operation Lifesaver to promote rail safety through community-based problem solving. The Roger Cyr Award for Rail Safety is our chance to highlight the important work of these partners.

Named after the founder of Operation Lifesaver Canada, the Roger Cyr Award for Rail Safety was first awarded in 1981. It recognizes the rail safety ambassadors who contribute to promoting rail safety in Canada, and also aims to encourage others to do the same.
The award is not only a chance to recognize the outstanding achievements of the Operation Lifesaver partners and rail safety ambassadors who make a difference—it also offers us a chance to learn from each other. 
Best practices collected during the award process are shared broadly with Operation Lifesaver, Transport Canada and the Railway Association of Canada’s stakeholders and partners.

2017 Roger Cyr Award recipient, Bart MacMillan:

Constable MacMillan has served as a Community Services Officer with CN since 2004. He first began volunteering with Operation Lifesaver in the 1970s while serving with the British Columbia Railway Police. At the time, Constable MacMillan was responsible for presentations and other outreach to schools and youth groups in Prince George, North Vancouver and elsewhere on the Lower Mainland. After joining CN, his responsibilities quickly expanded; by 2010, he was overseeing public rail-safety education and outreach for all of B.C

Constable MacMillan is known for his personable demeanor and ability to connect with people of all ages to get his rail safety message across. He rarely turns down an opportunity to promote rail safety to members of the public and attends countless outreach events each year. Constable MacMillan also takes the time to support and mentor other Rail Safety Ambassadors, and currently volunteers as the financial chair of OL’s B.C. Committee, which coordinates rail safety outreach across the province.