New license = new freedom. Unless you're dead.

Spring is officially upon us! With warmer, sunnier weather comes the temptation to hit the open road. For young people eager to obtain their driver’s license, spring is an optimal time to learn to drive.

Without a doubt, learning to drive is a major milestone in a young person’s life – this new responsibility brings a new sense of freedom. But there’s a lot to learn before a driver’s license is granted and sometimes rail safety considerations may be overlooked. This has the potential to be a deadly oversight.

Fortunately, Operation Lifesaver offers a number of train safety learning resources for newly licensed drivers. These materials offer new drivers tips for how to behave safely when they encounter highway-railway crossings – this is lifesaving information. 

Parents and teachers, please share the following rail safety resources with the new drivers in your life:

  • The Train to Drive website: this is an interactive computer-based training site that teaches new drivers everything they need to know to keep them alive at highway-railway crossings

There's nothing like the freedom of being able to drive - please provide the new drivers in your life with the rail safety information that will keep them alive to enjoy it.