Be a pro at rail safety

Everyone is responsible for rail safety—including you! It’s Public-Rail Safety Week (PRSW) and Operation Lifesaver and our partners and volunteers are out spreading the message about rail safety across Canada.

Today, a look at how professional drivers can contribute to public-rail safety. This includes bus and truck drivers and emergency responders like paramedics, firefighters and police officers. 

If you’re a professional driver, your day involves staying on schedule. For emergency responders, seconds count. Bus drivers have passengers with places to go. Truck drivers have freight that needs to arrive on time. But taking chances at rail crossings can mean you never arrive at all. 

Operation Lifesaver Canada has a number of rail safety resources available for professional drivers, including:

You have the power to make rail-safe decisions when you’re behind the wheel. Make rail safety a priority and you’ll make it to your destination alive.

Remember: railway incidents are preventable. During Public-Rail Safety Week, Operation Lifesaver and our partners will be sharing the rail safety message on social media and at Public-Rail Safety Week events across Canada. We’ll talk to a lot of people, but we can’t reach everyone. That’s where you come in.

Share this post with the professional drivers and emergency responders in your life. Join the PRSW conversation on Facebook and Twitter (@oplifesaver)—remember to tag your tweets with #prsw2013—and share how you stay rail safe! But most importantly, practice rail-safe behaviour every day. We don’t want the next rail-safety statistic to be you.