2014 Public-Rail Safety Week: April 28-May 4

Operation Lifesaver is excited for the 2014 launch of Public-Rail Safety Week (PRSW).  This year’s theme is: See Tracks? Think Train! Throughout the week, we’ll be partnering with our supporters to promote rail safety through a variety of activities such as crossing blitzes, mock collisions, and school presentations. All of which are proven to be successful when sharing the message of rail safety.

The rail safety story

Public-Rail Safety Week is an annual reminder that rail safety remains an issue in Canada. In fact, we closely track rail safety data on crossing collisions, trespassing incidents, fatalities, and serious injuries. Here’s an infographic that highlights some of the most notable data. [INFOGRAPHIC] Public-rail safety information that could save your life! These numbers only tell part of the story. Behind these incidents are real people. Those who are killed or injured are not the only ones who lose – so do rail workers and families who are forever changed by an individual’s loss. Don’t become a part of this rail safety story. This Public-Rail Safety Week, learn what it takes to stay alive around the tracks. Get the rail safety conversation started We encourage you to bookmark our site and share it with your friends. Through the entire week we will be posting content so that you can keep the conversation of rail safety going with your family and friends. Help make this year’s PRSW a success. Keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook pages, follow the #prsw2014 hashtag and check the Public-Rail Safety Week website for more info about events in your area, and to get up to speed on all things rail safety. The more you know, the more you and your family and friends will be rail safe around the tracks. Remember: See Tracks? Think Train!   Public-Rail Safety Week 2014 Poster