Are you railway sign savvy?

It’s day two of Public-Rail Safety Week and since our theme is "See tracks? Think trains", let’s talk about sign recognition. How savvy are you when it comes to railway marking signs? Do you know what they all mean? We bet you recognize the common signs of the road, right? One of the most common and widely recognized signs is also one of the most common that drivers receive tickets for not adhering to properly—the Stop Sign. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="191"] Photo credit:[/caption]

Did you know?

Most drivers are guilty of rolling through a stop sign at some point in their driving career. This is also the most common ticket police write out for Canadians. If you’re caught, get ready for a sweet insurance premium increase sure to take a hit on your wallet. What does that have to do with rail safety? Well, in the same way that city police and RCMP are mandated to hand out tickets for traffic violations, Canadian Pacific Police Service and CN Police Service, are also able to ticket drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists for rail crossing violations. Watch for the railway police services out in your community during Public-Rail Safety Week setting up enforcement activities and making presentations Canada-wide. These activities remind drivers and pedestrians to be safe around railway crossings and property. They also work to educate citizens that failing to adhere to signage, safety devices and trespassing can result in a fine. Remember, if you choose to disobey a sign at a railway crossing, you could pay a fine or worse, pay with your life.

What can you do to improve your rail safety sign recognition?

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