Don’t Risk Your Life to Save a Few Minutes

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is in a hurry. But whether you’re rushing home after work, trying to make it to school on time, or just wanting to get where you’re going a little more quickly, saving a few minutes by disobeying railway warnings isn’t worth risking your life.

Every day, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians put their lives in danger by not obeying railway warning signs and signals, or by using train tracks as a shortcut.

In February, a 39-year-old jogger in Windsor, Ontario was killed when he ignored flashing lights at a railway crossing and went around a lowered gate. Witnesses say he climbed through two stopped railway cars. When he emerged from between the cars, he was struck by a passing train on a second track and killed instantly. Investigators also believe he may not have heard the train coming because he was wearing headphones.

“Trespassing-related deaths like the one in Windsor are incredibly tragic, especially because we know these incidents are preventable,” says Sarah Mayes, Operation Lifesaver’s National Director. “Signals and warnings at railway crossings are there for a reason—to prevent accidents from happening. But regardless of whether there are flashing lights and gates, people need to be vigilant, and look and listen to make sure there is no train coming.”
So, don’t let yourself or someone your love be a statistic. Heed all railway signs and warnings. Look and listen to be sure no train is coming when you’re crossing tracks. If a train is approaching, wait until it has safely passed and make sure there is no train coming in either direction before crossing.
Take the time. It’s worth it—and it could save your life.