This April 1st, don’t be foolin’ around railway tracks or property

Today may be a day traditionally dedicated to “foolin’ around”—even if it doesn’t feel like there is much to laugh about these days. But Operation Lifesaver wants to remind Canadians that the consequences of trespassing on railway tracks or property is no April Fool’s joke.
Every year, more than 100 Canadians are seriously injured or killed due to unsafe behaviour around trains and tracks. Whether these deaths or injuries happen as a result of trespassing on railway property or collisions at railway crossings, the most tragic part is that each and every one of them could be prevented—if people followed the rail safety rules.
So, whether you’re on foot, behind the wheel, or riding a bike, snowmobile or ATV, be sure to follow these tips—they could save your life:
Stay Off the Tracks: Never walk, cycle or drive on or alongside railway tracks.
Keep Off All Railway Property: Railway yards, tracks, tunnels and bridges are all private property.
Only Use Designated Railway Crossings: Trying to cross tracks anywhere else could cost you your life.
Obey All Railway Signs and Signals: Before proceeding through a crossing, look both ways, listen for approaching trains, and only cross once you have a clear view and are certain no trains are coming from either direction.
Take Your Headphones Off at Rail Crossings and Stations: You can’t avoid getting hit by a train if you can’t hear it coming.
Let’s work together to #STOPTrackTragedies from happening. Please share these and other rail safety tips with your friends and family—it could save a life.