Four Canadians killed in trespassing incidents in February

With the arrival of spring, many Canadians are getting outside and enjoying the weather. But whether you’re walking, jogging, hiking or riding a bike, Operation Lifesaver wants to remind all Canadians that trains can be incredibly quiet and that tracks are never a safe shortcut.

Even though trains can weigh tens of thousands of tonnes (more than 10 million kilograms), it can be surprisingly hard to hear a train coming down the track—especially if you’re wearing headphones. Staying clear of tracks is the only safe choice.
Using tracks to get where you’re going is a shortcut to tragedy
In February, four people lost their lives trespassing on railway tracks or property. Tragically, each one of these tragedies could have been prevented.
So next time your outing takes you near tracks, please follow these simple rules to stay safe:
  • Never use tracks as a path or a shortcut
  • Only cross tracks at designated railway crossings
  • Always stop, listen, and look in both directions before crossing railway tracks
  • Keep one ear out when wearing headphones near tracks so you can hear trains
  • Keep off cell phones when around tracks and trains

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