Let the train pass - don't be killed by the workday rush

It's that time of year again. The lazy days of summer are winding down and it's time to start getting ready for back to school and back to work. Before you turn your attention to deadlines, meetings and the kids' after school activities, take a moment to think about rail safety. 

Your fall schedule is sure to be jam-packed and it's easy to be caught up in the rush. On days where free time is at a premium you may find yourself tempted to take shortcuts - and if that means racing a train at a level crossing, the only appointment you'll be making is one with death. 

Train safety tips for drivers

Follow the following tips every time you encounter a level crossing:

  • Always be prepared to stop at a level crossing.
  • Look for the crossbuck symbol of a level crossing. Some more-travelled level crossings have lights and bells and some include gates.
  • Listen for warning bells and whistles. Turn off, or turn down distracting fans, heaters and radios. Ask the passengers to be quiet until the crossing is safely crossed. Opening the window helps you hear.
  • Obey the signals. Never attempt to drive under a gate as it is closing, or around a closed gate. If the gate begins to close while you’re underneath, keep moving ahead until you clear the crossing.
  • If a police officer or a member of the train crew is directing traffic at the crossing, obey their directions. Remember, however, that you are not relieved of the responsibility to ensure your personal safety and you must confirm that it is safe to cross the tracks by looking and listening for the approach of a train.
  • If one train passes, make sure that a second train isn’t approaching on another track. They can, and they do!

Your life is worth the wait

Check out this poster from our Operation Lifesaver partners in the U.S. for a reminder that while arriving late for an appointment sucks, it's better than not arriving at all. Look, listen, live!