Attention rail fans: Don’t risk your life trying to get the shot

Nothing beats the thrill rail fans feel when they hear the whistle in the distance and the rumble of a train barrelling down the tracks. As you wait in anticipation to see the mighty locomotive pop into your view, you position your tripod in just the right spot and set your shutter speed—you’re ready. The lighting is perfect, the scene is just right, now all you need is the train to appear in your view finder. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="386"] Photo credit: Wikipedia[/caption] But ask yourself:
  • Are you set up in a safe spot, away from any possible risk?
  • Are you trespassing?

Make rail safety your top priority

If you’re a rail fan, we know you’re passionate about all things trains. But when you’re near railway tracks and property you could be risking your life if you’re not careful. To help you stay alive around the tracks, we’ve created some rail safety guidelines and resources tailored specifically to rail fans. They’re available online and also as a handy brochure to keep in your camera pocket for reference when you’re out for a day of train chasing. Here are some rail safety tips to remember the next time you’re out railfanning:
  • Do not trespass on railway property or rights-of-way. It is illegal and dangerous, and will be viewed by law enforcement as a security risk.
  • Do not enter private property without permission.
  • Avoid taking pictures of military trains and equipment.
  • Never walk out on a railway bridge or trestle.
  • Stay out of railway tunnels.
  • Do not climb on railway property such as signal bridges, cabinets or other structures.
  • Never climb on or crawl under railway cars or equipment.
  • Only take photographs or view trains from public locations.
  • When taking pictures from public railway crossings, stay at least 5 metres away from the nearest rail. This rule applies for staged “photo run-bys” as well.
  • Take a quick read through our train safety for photographers library.
Remember to be an advocate of rail safety by following these simple rules and spreading the word to your peers. Doing so will prevent incidents from happening and set an example for the train-loving generations to follow in your footsteps. Please remember to always:  Look, Listen, Live!