Make rail safety a priority this Labour Day weekend

As you pack up your vehicle and get ready to head out for the Labour Day long weekend, make sure you’ve got your rail safety bases covered before you hit the road.

Take the same precautions at railway crossings that you do on the highway

Did you know? The signs that are the most widely recognizable to you on the road are also found at highway-railway crossings.
Be sure to take extra precautions near these crossings while en route to your vacation destination.


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  • The Stop sign indicates to drivers that they must stop their vehicles completely before entering the railway crossing area and must not proceed until it is safe to do so.


  • The Yield sign indicates to drivers that they must yield the right-of-way, stopping if necessary, before entering the railway crossing area and must not proceed until it is safe to do so.

Rail safety check: How much do you know about railway crossing devices?

Public highway-railway crossings are marked with signs, and may also have mechanical or electrical warning devices. There are four types: do you know what they all mean? Crossbuck


Has no lights or bells to warn you of approaching trains so you must be extra vigilant


Active with flashing lights and belle

ACTIVE (with flashing lights and bell)

Stay well back and do not cross while the bell is ringing and the lights are flashing.     Active with flashing lights bells and gates

ACTIVE (with flashing lights, bell and gate)

Cross when the signals have ceased, the gates fully raised, and you have looked and listened to ensure there are no other trains approaching.


PRIVATE (Private crossings are on roadways not open to use by the public)

Temporary crossings established for the duration of a private construction project or other seasonal activity These are just a few helpful rail safety tips to remember when you drive. If you’re looking for more, Operation Lifesaver has plenty of free resources available with a simple click of a button.

Don’t be a rail safety statistic

It’s a fact: more traffic on the roads during long weekends equates to increased accidents on the Canada’s highways. Don’t become a rail safety statistic. Make it to your destination safely—know what to do not only on the roads and but also near the tracks. Stay rail safe and enjoy the last long weekend of the summer!