Operation Lifesaver talks rail safety for wedding photographers

It’s no secret—we are heavy advocates when it comes to educating about the dangers of using the train tracks or any railway property as a location for professional wedding photos. Just three weeks ago, we published a wedding photography story which highlights the dangers of shooting near the tracks. It garnered some fantastic media attention and since then Operation Lifesaver Canada's National Director, Mike Regimbal, has been busy doing radio interviews driving the message home: taking photos on or near the tracks is not only extremely dangerous but also illegal. Mike spoke to Gill Deacon on CBC's “Here and Now” about the dangers of wedding photography on railway property. We encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to what he and Gill talked about.[soundcloud id='160649952'] And if you have any professional photographers in your own personal network, be sure to keep them in the loop of the dangers of shooting near the tracks by sharing our in-depth wedding photography story library.  Not only is it loaded with helpful rail safety tips for photographers, it is sure to open their eyes about the dangers of shooting near the tracks. As always, we encourage you to stay rail safe today and every day, and be sure to: Look! Listen! Live!