If You’re Drinking, Stay Clear of Train Tracks

As summer winds down, many Canadians are trying to make the most of it. End of summer is often a time to get together with friends and family. And a lot of those get-togethers can involve alcohol.
Whether it’s a cold beer at a backyard barbecue, happy hour on the dock or cocktails on the patio, if your next summer event includes alcohol, remember drinking doesn't mix with trains and tracks.
Alcohol affects balance, coordination and judgment. It can also bring out the risk-taker in you. So, if you’ve had a few, don’t get behind the wheel and be sure to stay clear of train tracks. Follow these simple tips to stay safe:
Don’t drink and drive

If it simple: if you’ve had a few drinks, don’t drive. Make sure there is a designated driver to ensure the safety of you and any other passengers. Or take public transport, or order a taxi/Uber/Lyft.

Pace Yourself

Summer drinking tends to take place at barbecues, at the beach or at a cottage. Spreading your drinks out over time will limit how impaired you are. Drinking water between alcoholic beverages is a great strategy to avoid overdrinking.

Eat before you drink

Your body will metabolize alcohol more slowly when food is in your stomach. This means less alcohol enters the bloodstream, and you’ll be less intoxicated. So, if you’re planning to drink, do it on a full stomach.

Know Your Limits

Drinking alcohol can bring out the risk-taker in you, while simultaneously inhibiting balance, coordination and judgment. Know how much you can drink and stay within your limits.

Keep a charged cell phone on you

Make sure to have a charged phone with you if you plan on consuming alcohol. That way you’ll be able to contact someone if you end up in an unsafe situation or if you need a ride home.
So, as you enjoy the final days of summer, play it safe. if your next celebration involves drinking, stay away from railway tracks. Don’t let it be your last celebration.