Spreading the “Look. Listen. Live” message in London, ON

If you’re passing a railway crossing in London, ON, this summer, you might spot an important rail-safety message from Operation Lifesaver.
The “Look. Listen. Live.” Community Safety Partnership Program is a national initiative that encourages municipalities to install “Look. Listen. Live.” decals on the pavement near select railway crossings. The goal of the bright yellow and black decals is simple: to prevent tragic crossing incidents from occurring in communities across the country.
Last September, London became one of the first Canadian cities to kick off the program by installing the decals at its Richmond Street crossing. (Vancouver and Hamilton, ON have also joined the program.) Recently, London unveiled two more decals on sidewalks at the Colborne Street and Rectory Avenue rail crossings.
“By partnering with Operation Lifesaver, we’ve been able to introduce permanent reminders that encourage safe behaviour near rail crossings in our community,” says Doug MacRae, director of roads and transportation for the City of London. “The Look. Listen. Live. decals provide a bold visual indicator for pedestrians approaching at-grade rail crossings in our city.”
Working with communities to save lives
The Community Safety Partnership Program is one of the many ways Operation Lifesaver is working with communities and railways to reduce preventable rail incidents. The decals that now appear in London, Vancouver and Hamilton are a constant reminder to drivers, pedestrians and cyclists that they need to be extra vigilant around railway crossings. Heeding the “Look. Listen. Live” message is a simple way to stay safe.
“Incidents at railway crossings are tragically common, and each one affects the victim’s family and friends, as well as railway employees, first responders and broader communities,” says Sarah Mayes, National Director, Operation Lifesaver. "This program aims to make the public more aware of the hazards around tracks, which will hopefully save lives.”
To find out more about the Community Safety Partnership Program check out Operation Lifesaver’s website.