Make this summer’s road trip a rail-safe one

There’s no question, summer 2020 is anything but normal. With pandemic-related travel restrictions still in place around the world, many Canadians are looking for a way to make the most of their summer vacations. For many, this means hitting the road and spending their holidays a little closer to home.

The big question: where to go?

Well, there are plenty of amazing places to visit within our own borders. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out 13 Canada Road Trips That Will Blow Your Mind or Reader Digest’s 10 best Canadian road trips … and then get packing.

Know the rail-safety rules before you hit the road

But if you are heading out on a summer road trip, make sure you know these rail-safety rules: 

  • Obey all railway warning signs and devices, such as lights, bells and gates. Never drive around lowered gates at a crossing.

  • Never try to race a train to a crossing.

  • Look and listen for trains when you’re approaching tracks, and slow down so you can stop safely, if necessary.

  • Don’t get trapped on tracks. Be aware of the traffic in front of you, and only cross tracks if you’re sure you can completely clear them without stopping—especially if you’re pulling a trailer.

  • Don’t text or talk on your phone, or eat or drink, while driving.

  • If your vehicle stalls or breaks down in a railway crossing, get out and move a safe distance away from the tracks. Contact the railway company and let them know there is a vehicle on the tracks or call 911. (Most railways post their emergency numbers at crossings, either behind the crossbuck or on the signal house.)

Let’s make the most of summer 2020—we deserve it.  But if you’re hitting the open road, make sure your trip is a rail-safe one. Check out our website for more helpful tips to keep you and your family safe this summer.  And follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram—it could save a life.