No harvest is worth your life: OL launches new VR training video for agricultural workers

We depend on farmers—for everything from the eggs in our morning omelet to the wheat in the bread we eat. But agriculture work can be hazardous. In fact, many of the more than 200,000 farms across the country are located near railway tracks—and this can be a dangerous combination if farmers don’t follow the rail safety rules.

Operation Lifesaver’s newest Train to Drive virtual-reality (VR) video is designed specifically to teach the agricultural community how to stay safe around tracks and trains. The new interactive training video tests whether farmers and other agricultural workers know how to safely approach railway crossings and respond to other dangerous situations.

“Collisions at railway crossings can happen in a split second. Train to Drive allows drivers to make choices in real time around virtual railway tracks and trains, and to see the results—both good and tragic—in the safety of that VR environment,” says Sarah Mayes, National Director of Operation Lifesaver Canada. 

Staying safe means knowing the rail safety rules

OL’s hope is that farmers, agricultural workers, driver-training companies, and even governments will use this new video to train farmers—both young and old.

You can experience the new agricultural-focused Train to Drive video for yourself by visiting and clicking the video link. The website also provides instructions on how to view the videos on other devices such as mobile phones or Oculus Go, and offers rail safety tips to use next time you’re behind a real wheel.

Now get in the driver's seat and put your rail safety knowledge to the test!