Railway fatalities down in July

The railway incident statistics are out for July … and there’s good news and bad. The good news? Fewer Canadians lost their lives or were injured compared to July 2021. But tragically, four people were killed trespassing on railway tracks last month.
Operation Lifesaver (OL) wants to remind all Canadians that trains can be incredibly deadly—if you don’t follow the rail safety rules. Whether you’re walking your dog, riding a bike, or on your way home from work, it is critical that you heed all railway warning signs and signals.
Paying attention to the signs saves lives
Railway signs are there for a reason—to keep people safe. But too often, people disregard them—especially young people. That’s why OL launched a new educational campaign this month designed to remind young Canadians of the importance of obeying all rail safety signs and signals.
Seriously. Read the Signs. consists of three short, animated videos staring Reb, (short for “Rebel”), a mischievous character who disregards everyday signs. Each minute-long video drives home the point that while it might be easy to ignore signs—or to think that they don’t apply to you—not following them can have unintended consequences. It could even cost you your life.
Check out our new videos and share them with the young people in your life. And to learn more lifesaving tips, check out all our rail safety resources on our website.