Tempted to snowmobile by railway tracks? You're in for the ride of your death.

The Christmas holidays are soon upon us! This is the perfect time to get outdoors and spend time doing winter activities with your friends and family. For many, this can mean racing out on snowmobiles to create first tracks in the fresh powder - but it's important to choose the appropriate place to do so.

Railway rights-of-way can be extremely tempting places for snowmobile fun, but they're also extremely dangerous. Trains are much more quiet than most people realize and the noise of the snowmobile, combined with the fact that you are probably wearing a toque and helmet, means you may not hear one approaching.

Listen to this reminder from Bert Killian of the Ontario Safety League for a reminder of why snowmobiling near railway tracks could be the ride of your death. While this clip is directed at Ontarians, the message rings true for Canadians in every province.

[audio src="/Website/media/Imported-Blog/2010/04/On2.mp3"]

Stay away from railway tracks and spend your holidays eating turkey and laughing with your family - instead of lying dead at your funeral.