Celebrate the season and test your rail safety knowledge with our holiday crossword!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Operation Lifesaver Canada! We hope that you're having a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family. We believe that rail safety is an important topic all year long, so as you celebrate the season, here's a fun train safety themed crossword puzzle that you can do one lazy winter afternoon. Thank you for your support in 2012 and all the best in 2013! (If you get stuck, check out our Public-Rail Safety Resources for help!)



3) Never proceed immediately after a train passes. Look both ways because there might be a __________ train coming on another track in the same or opposite direction.
7) Wishing you a happy __________ from all of us at Operation Lifesaver! (two words)
9) Whether on foot or in a vehicle, the only place you should ever cross railway tracks is at an authorized and properly marked __________.
11) Don’t be fooled by the __________. The train you see is closer and faster moving than you think. (two words)
13) The groove designed for the railway train’s wheels is called the __________. Use extra care when crossing with strollers, wheelchairs or bicycles as their small wheels could get stuck. (two words)
14) Have a safe and happy __________ season!


1) Railway property is private property. If you go near the tracks, you are __________.
2) Stop no closer than __________ metres from the nearest rail of the railway track, look both ways and listen for an approaching train.
4) Never get trapped on a highway-railway crossing. Wait on the approach until you are sure you can clear the crossing completely. If it won’t fit, don’t _________.
5) Never go around the __________ at a highway-railway crossing!
6) The main contributing factor to a vehicle-train collision is driver _________.
8) Trains do not follow set schedules. Any time is _________ time! 
9) This sign indicates that you’re at a crossing. When you see it you should slow down, look, listen, and be prepared to yield for an approaching train.
10) Look, listen, _________.
12) It’s not only extremely dangerous to walk along the tracks, ride a snowmobile or an all-terrain vehicle, or cross a track at a location not identified as a crossing, it’s also __________.

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