Gather round for our Christmas rail safety crossword

Merry Christmas from all of us at Operation Lifesaver Canada! We hope that you’re having a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family. We believe that rail safety is an important topic all year long, so as you celebrate the season, here’s a fun train-safety-themed crossword puzzle that you can do one lazy winter afternoon. Thank you for your support in 2013 and all the best in 2014!

If you get stuck, check out our Public-Rail Safety Resources for help! You can also print and fill out a PDF version of the Operation Lifesaver holiday crossword.

OL Crossword puzzle


2) You should never ________ on railway property.

5) As you approach a crossing, stop no closer than ________ metres from the nearest rail of the railway track. 

6) The colour of the non-active signs that warn that a highway-railway crossing is ahead.

9) The Railway Crossing sign is also known as the ________.

11) The ________ markings usually depict a large “X” and/or STOP lines and are painted on paved roads. 

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14) Ensure all tracks are ________ before proceeding.

15) It takes a train, travelling at 100km/h up to ________ kilometres to stop


1) This type of device indicates you are at a railway crossing and is generally found in areas with little traffic. It has no lights or bells to warn of approaching trains.

3) Indicates a crossing ahead. This sign also tells you to slow down, look and listen because you may have to stop, and it shows which way the tracks cross the road. (Two words)

4) A train will normally sound its engine ________ when it is near people, and coming to a crossing or station platform.

7) Look, Listen, ________!

8) Flashing red lights ________ of an approaching train.

10) This sign indicates more than one set of tracks at a crossing. (Two words)

11) This yellow safety line reminds people to stand back and away from the danger of any moving train or rail equipment. Where is it found?

12) True or false: it is illegal to drive around crossing gates. 

ANSWERS (click to enlarge)

OL English Crossword answers