The holidays are a great reminder to stay rail safe

This holiday season, Canadian families will carry out their favourite holiday traditions. For many this will include bundling up and heading out to see the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train as it makes its way around North America. 

What a great opportunity to review your train safety knowledge with your family. Take this time, in the car on route to the train, or around the dinner table before you head out, to talk about what it takes to stay alive around the tracks.

Let’s talk rail safety

Operation Lifesaver makes it easy for you to have an engaging conversation with your family members of all ages by providing a wide range of rail safety learning and awareness resources.

  • For the young kids in your family, bookmark on your web browser. We believe your kids will find it about as awesome as Treehouse, but with rail safety being front and centre.
  • Next, for those digitally distracted teenagers who won’t look up from their glowing iPhone screens for a millisecond, some hard-hitting rail safety stats might just do the trick. They might even put their phones down long enough for the screensaver to kick in. Talk about winning!
  • How about the family member who loves pop-up trivia?  Take their minds on a rail safety trivia tour by using our savvy FAQs.
  • Do you have some uber competitive members in the family? Entice their competitive nature by putting down a friendly wager and using the train safety quiz as the bait. They might be surprised, or humbled, by the results.

Let’s ensure we round out the end of 2013 with some great rail safety habits that we can carry into 2014. Talking rail safety around the dinner table, in the car, or out on a winter walk with the family is just the beginning of a life-long lesson.

Please, consider making Operation Lifesaver a part of your holidays this season. You can start by making rail safety a priority when heading out to see the holiday train, going Christmas shopping, or attending the many holiday parties penciled into your calendar.

And if the holiday train is rolling into your neck of the woods, please share your photos on our FB page. We would love to see some of your holiday traditions.

Stay rail safe this season!

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="600"] Photo credit: The Epoch Times[/caption]