Tis the season for our annual rail safety Christmas crossword

Merry Christmas to you and yours from Operation Lifesaver Canada! We hope you’re enjoying some good times gathering with family and friends. As always, we encourage learning about rail safety all year round. So this holiday season, as you nurse your turkey hangover, have a little bit of fun with our annual rail safety Christmas crossword. We thank you for your ongoing and fantastic support in 2014 – and all the best in 2015! If you get stuck, check out our Public-Rail Safety Resources for help! You can also print and fill out a PDF version of the crossword. OL puzzle  


2) Any time is ________ time! 7) Large yellow vehicle required to stop at railway crossings. 10) The main contributing factor of a train-vehicle collision is ______ error. 12) Railway tracks and bridges are ________ property. 13) It is ________ to trespass on railway tracks and property. 15) A highway-railway crossing is also referred to as a _________crossing. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="316"] Photo credit: franzbrown.com[/caption]


1) True or False: It is okay for you to cross when the last car of the train has cleared the crossing. 3) The ________ tracks sign indicates there are more than one set of tracks at a crossing. 4) Most highway/railway crossing collisions involve drivers living within ______ kilometres of the location of the collision. 5) The _________ warning sign indicates there is a highway-railway crossing ahead. 6) Stop no closer than _________ metres away from the nearest rail of the railway tracks. 8) Another noun for a railway crossing sign. 9) Look both ways and _______ for oncoming trains. 11) Trespassing is a leading cause of ________related fatalities. 14) When is comes to train tracks: Stay off! Stay away! Stay _______!  


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