Photographer warns of the dangers of shooting near the tracks

Our modern world makes photography easier than ever before. Technology like iPhones and Instagram have given photographers, both amateur and professional, the ability to publish their work in real-time for the entire world to see. Yet even in this digital age it seems photographers are still drawn to some classic shots, like train tracks. This has created a real challenge when it comes to rail safety.Photographer Christine Payant Whether it’s taking clients out to the tracks for wedding photos, snapping selfies for Instagram, or taking stock photo images—when you venture onto the tracks illegally it’s incredibly dangerous for everyone involved. For more on this topic, we caught up with OL’s talented resident photographer, Christine Payant, for her take on the allure of railway imagery in the photographer community and the dangers it holds. Tune in below: The next time you want to grab your iPhone to bank a new Instagram pic or embark on a photography adventure that leads you near railway property, ask yourself: Is the risk worth the shot? Christine and Operation Lifesaver want you to know—it isn’t.

Rail safety resources for photographers

Sometimes shooting on the tracks is unavoidable. Check out our Photographer Tip Sheet (PDF) to learn how to safely incorporate railway imagery in your work. And visit our railway image gallery to download railway related photography taken safely. All images are free to download and use in your news stories, blogs etc. Follow Operation Lifesaver on Instagram!