Operation Lifesaver’s 2016 rail safety wish list

Tis the season to kick back with family and friends and take in all that the holidays have to offer. For many, that includes looking forward to seeing how many wish list items make it under the tree. In that spirit, we’ve compiled a wish list of our own. But Santa can’t help us with this one – you can. Please give this list a read and do your part to eliminate deaths and injuries due to unsafe actions around the tracks.

Rail safety wish list 

  1. No one is killed by trespassing on the tracks.
  2. No one takes a risk by driving around lowered gates or racing a train to a crossing.
  3. Drivers put their phones away every single time they get behind the wheel and pay attention at level crossings. [caption id="attachment_12599" align="alignright" width="362"]Canadian Pacific Holiday Train Photo Credit: Canadian Pacific Railway[/caption]
  4. People participating in winter sports like pond hockey, snowmobiling, or cross-country skiing don’t choose to take a chance by travelling on the tracks.
  5. Selfies on the tracks don’t happen.
  6. Photographers looking for locations to shoot holiday photos choose to stay away from railway tracks and property.
  7. No train crew or first responders have to respond to an incident on the tracks.
  8. We all take time to think about the families and friends who have lost loved ones during the holidays in railway incidents.
  9. That all Canadians get to their destinations safely by simply driving safely near railway crossings.
  10. We all continue to work together to spread the lifesaving message of rail safety by passing these rail safety wishes along to family and friends of all ages.
Look, listen, live and have a happy holiday season!