Operation Lifesaver’s rail-safety message—coming soon to a theatre near you

December is the perfect time to head to the movies. But if you see a film at a Cineplex theatre over the holidays, Operation Lifesaver is hoping you’ll remember more than just what’s on the big screen.
Starting in early December, large ads depicting a mythical Yeti standing on railway tracks will appear in Cineplex lobbies across the country. The caption on the ad will read: “It’s not a myth: A shortcut across the tracks can cut your life short.”
The “Danger Yeti” campaign is a follow-up to Operation Lifesaver’s fall “Danger Bear” campaign that showed a large grizzly standing on tracks with the caption “Sometimes the danger isn’t this obvious.” The goal of both campaigns is to highlight the real dangers people face when they decide to trespass on railway property or take a shortcut across railway tracks.

“The imagery in the Danger Bear and Danger Yeti ads is really arresting, and that makes our message more likely to get through to the public,” says Sarah Mayes, Operation Lifesaver Canada’s National Director. “The dangers of being around tracks and trains may not be as obvious as coming face to face with a grizzly bear. But they also aren’t a myth, like the Yeti. You might think you’re safe—taking a shortcut across the tracks, or trying to beat a train to a crossing—but you’re not.”
Giving moviegoers more than just a film to think about
The idea to target moviegoers with the rail-safety message was the brainchild of Spruce Creative, the Ottawa agency behind the campaign.
“Reaching a wide audience across the country is always a challenge, and we were looking for a new way to reach Canadians. Most of our campaigns have been online, but there are limits to how well those targeted campaigns reach people,” explains Cindy MacBride, account manager for Spruce. “Cineplex theatres are high-traffic locations, especially during the holiday season, and we thought this would be a great way to get the attention of a broad range of Canadians who are not familiar with Operation Lifesaver.”
So, keep an eye out for the Danger Yeti in theatres this season—and snap a photo of yourself with it to share with @oplifesaver on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to check out Operation Lifesaver’s website to learn more about the real dangers associated with tracks and trains.