Make rail safety part of your holiday plans

The holidays are a wonderful time of year for families. It’s a chance to slow down and spend time with the people you love. But it’s also an opportunity to ensure your loved ones know how to stay safe, especially around tracks and trains.
Luckily, Operation Lifesaver has developed materials that make learning about rail safety fun and engaging for kids and adults alike. Keep reading to learn about our age-appropriate rail safety resources, and make sure your loved ones have the tools and knowledge they need to stay safe this holiday season.
Staying rail-safe with Thomas & FriendsTM and Train and the Whateveritwas
To help teach younger Canadians about rail safety, Operation Lifesaver partnered with Mattel Canada, Canadian Pacific, and Metrolinx this past fall to publish two Thomas & FriendsTM rail safety books.

Using these books, children can follow along with Thomas as he learns valuable lessons about the dangers of not stopping at rail crossings, standing too close to the platform edge, or leaving farm gates open so that animals can wander onto the tracks. Why not download the free Stay Safe with Thomas PDF storybook and read it to your kids today?
OL’s storybook-style presentation, Train and the Whateveritwas, is another great resource. Through a colourful and engaging 6-minute animated story, children are encouraged to stay rail-safe by heeding a simple, but important, message: “Train or Track? Just Keep Back!”
Doing your part to stay rail-safe

But children aren’t the only ones who need to follow the rules. We all have a role to play when it comes to rail safety. By modeling safe behaviour around tracks and trains, you can show the children and adults in your life how to stay rail-safe.

Why not take the time to brush up on the rail-safety basics over the holidays? You can find all the resources you need on our website, including pamphlets, animated graphics, and virtual-reality driver-training videos. Taking a few minutes to review these materials―and share them with your loved ones―can ensure that you all have a happy and rail-safe holiday season.