Stay safe behind the wheel this holiday season

The holiday season is here — and for many Canadians, that means frantically rushing around to finish shopping and visit family and friends. In fact, the holidays are so hectic that even the best drivers—those who typically make the annual “nice” list—sometimes forget about rail safety. That’s why Operation Lifesaver is launching a new campaign this week to remind drivers to be extra cautious around tracks and trains this winter.
Snow, sleet, whiteouts, and freezing rain can make driving at this time of year especially stressful. Reducing your chances of being in a serious winter car accident starts with proper planning—particularly when it comes to driving near railway crossings. Following these simple tips can help to keep you safe when you encounter train tracks this winter:
  • Reduce your speed. When road conditions are poor, it takes longer to stop, especially when driving at night. Always slow down well in advance of railway crossings. 
  • Avoid distractions. When approaching railway crossings, turn off the radio and heating fans so you can listen for oncoming trains. Roll down your window—especially if it’s frosty or foggy—and look both ways before crossing the tracks.
  • Look for railway warning signs and signals—and prepare to stop. Snow may cover train tracks at a crossing, making them look like the road.
  • Use winter tires. They have treads designed to grip ice and snow, so you'll be less likely to slide on the road or into the side of a train.

Remember, rail safety is everyone’s responsibility. So, this holiday season, forget the rush. Follow these rail safety rules, and make sure you get where you need to go in one piece. And check out our website for other resources to help you and your loved ones stay rail-safe this holiday season.