Rail Safety Contest Underway

OTTAWA - The third annual Direction 2006 railway safety poster contest is underway in Aboriginal/First Nations’ communities across Canada.

"We want to continue discussions and build awareness about railway safety in communities made up of both Aboriginal and non-aboriginal people who have a unique interaction with the railways," said contest coordinator Sgt. Bill Law, who also directs the CPR Police community services unit.

Last year, there were 72 fatalities, and another 72 seriously injured in highway/railway crossing collisions and from entering onto railway tracks and rights-of-way. “Virtually all were avoidable with due caution,” said Sgt. Law.

The contest was initiated two years ago with the assistance of First Nations Police Services. It is open to all young people in Grades 4 to 9 who participate in youth groups and school classes in these communities.

Contest information is now being widely distributed through police, safety and community groups, and through partners' websites. Cash prizes will be awarded to winning entries from students in Grades 4 to 6, and from senior students in Grades 7 to 9. The deadline for submissions to Operation Lifesaver is Friday, May 7, 2004. Teachers and contest coordinators of winning entries will be notified by telephone by May 21. As well, there will be awards for best supporting teacher, school and community groups. Further details are available at www.direction2006.com or at www.operationlifesaver.ca websites.

Operation Lifesaver is a government-industry-community public education and safety program, co-sponsored by the Railway Association of Canada and Transport Canada to reduce unnecessary deaths and injuries along the railway tracks. Direction 2006 is a special initiative to drive the numbers down by another 50 per cent by year-end 2006.

Contact Information:

William J. Law
CPR Police Service
Direction 2006 Aboriginal / First Nations Railway Safety
416-696-6596 or bill_law@cpr.ca

Cathy Cossaboom
Transport Canada
613-991-3445 or cossabc@tc.gc.ca

Patricia Valladao
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
819-997-8404 or valladaop@ainc-inac.gc.ca

Roger Cameron
Direction 2006 Communications/ Railway Association of Canada
613-564-8097 or rogerc@railcan.ca.


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