Operation Lifesaver Seeking Nominations for Roger Cyr Award for Public Safety

Ottawa - Operation Lifesaver is now seeking nominations for the Roger Cyr Award for Public-Rail Safety. The award, named after the late Mr. Cyr, the founding national director of Operation Lifesaver in Canada, recognizes excellence, dedication and initiative in the field of public-rail safety across Canada. “There are so many people and initiatives involved with Operation Lifesaver and the railway industry that deserve recognition for their role in improving rail safety,” said Dan Di Tota, national director of Operation Lifesaver in Canada. “Public-rail safety is of the utmost importance, and this award highlights the extra efforts that people have taken to achieve those ends.” The award is specific to activities during the 2007 calendar year, and is open to all active Operation Lifesaver partners and volunteers who have undertaken efforts to improve railway safety and encourage others to do the same. “It is only fitting that this award is named after Roger Cyr,” Di Tota added. “Roger was instrumental in introducing Operation Lifesaver in Canada 26 years ago, and it changed the face of railway safety in this country. The award is our salutation to his memory; we will continue to encourage and recognize people and programs that have taken the extra step towards reducing crossing collisions and trespassing incidents in Canada.” Nominations for the award will be accepted until March 31, 2008, and nominees must be certified Operation Lifesaver presenters, associates and/or volunteers. The selection panel for the award consists of members of the Operation Lifesaver Program Review Committee. The winner of the award will be announced during the 2008 Rail Safety Week, a national and annual effort to promote safe decisions around highway-railway crossings and operations commencing April 28, 2008. The award will be presented at the 2008 Operation Lifesaver Annual Conference. Nominations can be made by mail, or electronically, by emailing the nomination form to Linda Purdy at lindap@railcan.ca. Since its inception in Canada, Operation Lifesaver has helped reduce highway/railway crossing accidents by 64 per cent, and has seen significant declines in trespassing incidents. It is co-sponsored by Transport Canada and the Railway Association of Canada, and run in cooperation with other national and provincial safety organizations, police and public service groups. Contact Information: Dan Di Tota National Director, Operation Lifesaver dand@railcan.ca 613-564-8094 Document(s):