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With the recent tragic train-related deaths of two Canadian teens  - one at a level crossing in Oshawa, Ontario and the other walking along the tracks in Leduc, Alberta – it’s important to bring attention to the safety messages that could prevent any further deaths from happening. Both males, these two teens were wearing headphones when they were killed. And just last night, a 27 year-old man, again wearing headphones, was hit and killed by a train in Banff, Alberta.

Recent studies have indicated that headphone related railway injuries and deaths are on the rise – and young males are the most likely victims. So what can be done?

  1. We need to get the message out to all young people that wearing headphones near railway property is a quick way to die. Train whistles and warning signals are loud, but music blaring from a set of headphones is much louder. If you don’t hear a train coming, you’ll be dead before you know what hit you.
  2. It’s imperative that we inform young people that it’s incredibly dangerous to trespass on railway property. Walking along railway tracks is not only an invitation for death; it’s also against the law. Stay away and stay alive.
  3. Young people need to learn the safe behaviours that will keep them alive at highway-railway crossings. They need to become familiar with the various signs and devices that are present at railway crossings. Knowing what they mean and always obeying them, is the key to surviving at a crossing.

This audio clip, featuring then Minister of Transport Dave Colonette, underscores these important messages.

[audio src="/Website/media/Imported-Blog/2010/04/Minister.mp3"]

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