Make rail safety a family affair

Monday, February 18 is Family Day in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. If you live in one of these provinces and have the day off to spend with your family, why not add something lifesaving to the agenda?

Have a chat about rail safety.

Rail safety is a shared responsibility

Rail safety is an issue that impacts us all. Young and old, we are all at risk of being killed by a train if we don’t act safe around the tracks. No matter where you live, there’s no better time than right now to show the people you love that you care what happens to them.

Parents, by educating your kids on how to stay rail safe, you’ll not only save their lives right now, you’ll also ensure that they develop lifelong, lifesaving rail-safety habits.  

So take the time to familiarize yourself with our rail safety resources and share what you learn with your family. To help you get the conversation started, we’ve rounded up a couple great rail safety videos:

Share this rail safety video with young children:

Share this rail safety video with teenagers as a reminder that it’s just not worth the risk:!

Never forget: look, listen, live!