Attention snowboarders: Jump a train—feel the pain

Snowboarders and skiers, we know nothing beats the surge of adrenaline you get when you hit big booters in the terrain parks at ski resorts. And we get that you can only do so many laps through the park before those jumps just don’t make the cut anymore. After all, you need something bigger and better to hit so your buds can shoot a video for Instagram. That’s all cool – unless it means building huge kickers near the tracks so that you can ‘jump’ over an oncoming train. While no doubt death-defying, it’s also incredibly dangerous and illegal. So how about we make a different suggestion: build those booters in the backcountry, and not near the tracks. In fact, just avoid trains and tracks all together. If you don’t—straight up you’re trespassing, could be fined or arrested, or even killed. Snowboarders jump a train feel the pain