OL launches new videos to mark 40 years of saving lives

2021 is a big year for Operation Lifesaver (OL) Canada. It marks 40 years since we began our mission to educate Canadians about the risks surrounding railway crossings, tracks and trains.
“Over the past four decades, OL has fostered safety-conscious attitudes toward railways, promoted safe driving skills, and encouraged Canadians to think twice before using tracks as a recreation or play area,” said Sarah Mayes, OL’s National Director.
“Our outreach and campaigns―including #STOPTrackTragedies, Look. Listen. Live. and #TraintoDrive―have helped to reduce the number of collisions at railway crossings, and prevented needless injuries and deaths from rail trespassing. And that’s something we should all be proud of.”
Shining a light on OL’s Rail Safety Ambassadors
As we celebrate this milestone birthday, we want to say “thank you” to everyone who has shared their story or helped us to reach out to the public over the past 40 years—especially OL’s Rail Safety Ambassadors (RSAs).
“Our Rail Safety Ambassadors are essential to our mission,” said Mayes. “They share our belief that every rail-related death or injury can—and should—be prevented, and they volunteer their time to help educate Canadians and save lives.”
OL’s RSAs help to get the rail-safety message out to the Canadians of all ages through social media, face-to-face and virtual rail-safety presentations, and by taking part in Operation Lifesaver’s events.
“I guess it's a little bit idealistic to say that I do it out of the goodness of my heart, but I think to a certain extent that is what it means to be a Rail Safety Ambassador,” explains Emily Mak, director of corporate affairs and general counsel for Southern Railway of British Columbia, and a member of OL’s B.C. committee. “You're doing it really out of passion—passion for people's lives and the knowledge that every railway accident is preventable.”
Join us and help save lives
To celebrate our 40th anniversary, this week we’ve launched two videos featuring OL Rail Safety Ambassadors like Emily. We want to shine a light on the lifesaving work they do—and encourage others to consider volunteering their time.
Want to join Emily and OL’s team of Rail Safety Ambassadors from coast to coast? Join us in celebrating our 40th anniversary by signing up today—and help us save lives.