This Winter Walk Day, get your kids walking—but safely!

The return to in-person learning at most schools across the country means kids are finally back in the classroom. For most students, it’s a welcome chance to see their friends and get a little bit more “normalcy” in their lives. It’s also a chance to get out and enjoy winter—both during recess, and on their commute to and from school.  
Winter Walk Day is an annual celebration that takes place on the first Wednesday of February. Held this year on February 2nd, it’s a way to embrace winter, rather than hide away from it. It’s also a way to encourage kids to get the daily exercise they need for both their physical and mental well-being.
Make sure kids know how to stay safe as pedestrians

If your kids are walking to school, today or any day, they need to know the safety rules—and that includes staying clear of tracks and trains. Unlike adults, children can’t always focus on one thing at a time, and they aren't as good at sensing or predicting danger. That’s why it’s critical to teach them to take the safest path to school and to never use tracks as a shortcut. They also need to know these other important safety rules:
  • Only cross tracks at designated railway crossings
  • Always stop, listen, and look in both directions before crossing railway tracks
  • Never play on or near railway tracks or trains
  • Keep one ear out when wearing headphones near tracks so you can hear trains
  • Keep off cell phones when around tracks and trains 

So, this Winter Walk Day, get your kids out walking, but make sure they know how to do it safely! Check out our website for more rail-safety resources to share with them. And for younger children, OL’s storybook-style presentation, Train and the Whateveritwas is a great resource that introduces kids to some important rail-safety messages.