Crossing incidents down in January—but still not at zero!

We’re all in a rush these days. But whether we’re trying to get to work or school on time, or just want to get where we’re going a little faster, trying to beat a train is never worth the risk.

When drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians try to save a few minutes by ignoring railway warnings signs and signals at railway crossings it can have tragic consequences.

In January, one Canadian was killed and two others were seriously injured at railway crossings. Even though these numbers are down compared to January 2023, even one incident is one incident too many.  
Help prevent track tragedies

Through education and public awareness campaigns like #STOPTrackTragedies, Operation Lifesaver Canada is working hard to prevent crossing incidents.
Every single one can be avoided. 
And we all have a role to play in getting to zero.
Heed all railway signs and warnings. Look and listen to be sure no train is coming when crossing tracks. If a train is approaching, wait until it has safely passed and make sure there is no train coming in either direction before crossing.

Take the time. It’s worth it—and it could save your life.

For other tips on how to stay rail-safe check out these resources on our website. Together we can #STOPTrackTragedies – for good.