Can you imagine seeing 25 dead bodies?

The number 25. It follows 24 and precedes 26. It's the number linked to a few things in our society, including:
  • the date in December that Christmas day falls on
  • the atomic number of manganese
  • the number of years people are married when they celebrate their silver anniversary
But for police officer Frank Bender, the number 25 has much darker associations. In his career he has attended 25 fatal railway incidents. That's at least 25 deaths - carnage that no one should have to see. And what's worse, every single one of these incidents was preventable. Listen to the following clip for a grave warning from Officer Bender to never take shortcuts across railway tracks or drive around the crossing gates. Because the only thing worse than witnessing a fatal incident is being a dead body. [audio src="/Website/media/Imported-Blog/2010/04/25.mp3"]