10 actions that could get you killed by a train

Last week we reminded you of the rail safe behaviours you should always follow when you encounter railway property. This week, a look at 10 things you should never do around trains and railway property – because doing so could get you killed.

  • NEVER take shortcuts on or around train tracks – it is dangerous.
  • NEVER throw things at trains – you could hurt someone.
  • NEVER put objects on train tracks – they can fly off and hurt someone – maybe you.
  • NEVER walk in front of or behind a stopped train – it could move suddenly.
  • NEVER walk or climb between parked railway cars – they can move at any time and you can get hurt
  • NEVER enter open boxcars – the doors can shut suddenly and trap you there.
  • NEVER use railway tunnels and bridges as shortcuts – a train can come at any time.
  • NEVER drive around the gates at a level crossing.
  • NEVER take a walk on the tracks wearing headphones.
  • NEVER take photos on or around railway tracks.

These are just a few of the actions that could get you killed around the tracks. What other behaviours could get you killed? What advice do you have for people about staying safe around trains?

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And remember – when it comes to train tracks – STAY OFF! STAY AWAY! STAY ALIVE!