Do this and you could die on the tracks

Did you know that trespassing is a leading cause of railway-related fatalities? Scary, right? Taking a short cut across the tracks might shave off a minute or two on your journey, but that short cut could also cost you your life. Plain and simple: trespassing on the tracks is not only illegal, subject to fines and possible arrest, but also incredibly dangerous. What qualifies as trespassing on the tracks? Let’s break down where and what is considered to be trespassing:
  • Railway tracks and bridges are private property and any unauthorized person who is on railway property which is not designated as a crossing, is TRESPASSING—you can be subject to a warning, fine or worse—you can pay with your life.
  • Whether you are walking along the tracks, riding a snowmobile, an all-terrain vehicle or your bike, or you are simply crossing a track at a location not identified as a crossing, YOU ARE TRESPASSING!
  • Thinking about climbing through or under a train that is stopped? Trains can move suddenly and without warning. As soon as your hand touches that rail car—YOU ARE TRESPASSING!
  • What about taking photos or a shortcut near rail tunnels, bridges and trestles? YOU ARE TRESPASSING! Those structures are specifically built for trains. Many are only as wide as the train and do not provide safe clearance, for a person, should a train approach.
It’s easy to be rail safe, all you have to do is…
  • ONLY cross railway tracks at marked crossings.
  • Regardless of whether a sign is present or not, NEVER TRESPASS on railway property.
  • Remember to ALWAYS stay off, stay away, and stay alive!
Remember: Pedestrians must obey crossing laws just as drivers do and must yield the right-of-way at highway-railway crossings. Whether on foot or in a vehicle, the only place you should ever cross railway tracks is at an authorized and properly marked crossing. Lets work together to bring awareness that trespassing is the worst decision anyone could ever make. Please remember to always LOOK! LISTEN! LIVE! And check out this video for a tragic reminder of the deadly risks of taking a short cut on the tracks: [youtube][/youtube]