3 easy-to-follow rail safety resolutions

A new year = new resolutions, are we right? If you haven’t made any resolutions yet, don’t worry—we‘ve got you covered. Eating better and exercising more always make the list, but this year, tack on another lifesaver: pledge to be rail safe! Train in winter Follow these three rail safety resolutions to make sure you’re not killed on the tracks this year:
  1. I won’t take photos of any kind on railway tracks or property! Looking for specifics? We’re talking selfies, wedding and grad photos… no photo is worth the risk! Photos on the tracks have been done to death—literally.
  1. When I’m behind the wheel, I will pay attention at a level crossing and nothing else! Let’s be real here—distracted driving kills. Just do yourself and the first responders and train crew, not to mention your loved ones, a favour and don’t pick up your phone, or pay attention to anything other than the level crossing ahead of you when you’re behind the wheel!
  1. I will not try to beat a train to a crossing by driving around the lowered gates. Man, we thought this one would be a no brainer, but you would be surprised. So let’s be extra clear here: When you try to beat a train to a crossing…. Even in a tie—you lose.
Do us a favour, and not only take these rail safety resolutions seriously, but please—pass them on.