Hoping 2019 is a better year when it comes to railway incidents

November 2018 was a terrible month when it comes to serious injuries at railway crossings and as a result of trespassing.
Ten people were seriously injured in railway crossings incidents—up from zero the same month in 2017. Another 2 were injured trespassing on railway property.
Remember, when approaching railway crossings in a car, slow down so you can be prepared to stop if necessary. Turn off any music, ask passengers to be quiet, open the window and listen for trains. Look both ways before continuing. If a train is coming, stop behind any stop line or gate, or no closer than 5 metres from the nearest rail. Cross tracks only once the train has passed and you are certain no other trains are approaching, from either direction, and on any track.
Whether you are new driver or a seasoned one, staying safe around railway tracks is all about knowing, and obeying, the rules.