Winter weather and train tracks can be a dangerous combination

Winter can make life difficult for Canadians. But if you live, travel or work near train tracks, winter weather can be more than just difficult—it can make things extremely dangerous.
Blowing snow, fog, and sleet can reduce visibility, making train tracks almost impossible to see. Snowbanks and snow in trees can also reduce sight lines. This can make it hard for people to see railway tracks, or see an approaching train—until it’s too late.
On January 11th, a man near Kamloops, B.C., was hit by a train while riding his horse during a snowstorm. Jordan Camille, a contracted range rider for the Tk'emlups Indian Band, had set out in a storm in search of three horses that were in distress. But because of the whiteout conditions, he didn’t see a train approaching ­­­at a crossing near Highway 5 and Devick Road.
His horse was killed, but Camille miraculously survived. He was thrown from his horse, suffering a severe concussion, a broken shoulder and a lacerated kidney.
Stay safe this winter: brush up on the rail-safety rules
Whether you’re riding a horse in the snow, getting some exercise on your skis or hitting the trails on your snowmobile, reducing the likelihood of being in a rail-related incident starts with proper planning and knowing your rail-safety basics:
  • Be aware of where you may encounter train tracks
  • Expect a train on any track, from either direction, at any time
  • Use only approved trails for winter activities and look for posted signs warning that you are approaching a railway crossing
  • Be cautious, especially when riding/skiing in snowy conditions or at night as it may be difficult to see obstacles, railway crossings or approaching trains
Unsure whether you know how to stay safe in winter near railway tracks? Take our rail-safety quiz and find out. Remember, trains and winter conditions can be a deadly mix if you don’t follow the rules.
GoFundMe page has been set up for Jordan Camille in the hopes of easing his family’s financial difficulties while he recovers.